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The Marlink Group is the world’s leading maritime communication, digital solutions and servicing specialist. The group which also includes Telemar, Palantir, Livewire Connections and OmniAccess, provides the maritime industry with an integrated offering of broadband communications, digital solutions, bridge electronics and on-board maintenance. 

With more than 1000 employees worldwide the group is serving at least 1 in 3 vessels globally, covering all customer segments at sea including: Shipping, Offshore, Cruise & Ferry, Yachting and Fishing. The Marlink Group provides customers with unrivalled service and support through an enhanced global footprint and worldwide sales and service locations. A global 24/7 helpdesk, specialised competence centres, local presence on all continents and a network of 1000 service points staffed by highly qualified, certified service engineers, are supporting global customers to operate smarter and safer.

More than 70 years’ experience combined with strong satellite network operator and bridge electronics manufacturer partnerships enables the group to bring the power of broadband communication, maritime bridge technology and service excellence to customers globally. Marlink aims to further optimise customers’ business operations and enable the digital vessels of tomorrow.

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Intellian is the world's leading provider of satellite communications and smart systems for the maritime, industrial, and military sectors. Founded in 2004, Intellian is leading the way in driving innovation in the satellite communications market. Governments and global players choose Intellian's stabilized satellite antenna systems to deliver connectivity when it matters most. 

Intellian operates in 10 offices worldwide, including global logistics centers in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, and is supported by a network of more than 450 partners across the globe. Intellian Technologies Inc. is listed on the Korean Stock Exchange, KOSDAQ (189300:KS). 

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InfoSHIP is the software reference point in the marine market covering all fleet performance management needs and satisfying a wide range of privileged interlocutors such as technical and marine operators, energy managers, purchasing, risk and compliance departments.  Suitable for cruise, tanker, cargo, bulk and ferry vessels, InfoSHIP software platform supports ship owners and ship managers to schedule maintenance activities, technically and economically monitor third-party performances, streamline ship efficiency and have the full control of their fleets.  Our 35 years tradition in Enterprise Asset Management systems allows us providing solutions that capitalize experiences and help clients to achieve higher level of analysis and operational performances.

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Inmarsat sets the standard in maritime communications with the world’s most advanced commercial global mobile satellite network. With a rich heritage spanning more than 35 years, Inmarsat enables the maritime industry to stay connected with its highly-reliable broadband satellite network and its range of leading voice and data services. Driving innovation in communications, Inmarsat is continually investing in new technology to shape the future of the connected ship and build maritime communities. When it matters most, thousands of vessels depend on Inmarsat to enhance operational efficiency, promote crew welfare and maximise safety at sea.

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OTESAT_MARITEL a member of OTE Group, is a leading provider of maritime satellite telecommunications globally.

The company is continuously investing in infrastructure and know-how in order to develop and provide its customers with cutting edge integrated ICT solutions, combing the latest technology in telecom networks and IT applications, always conforming to the highest quality standards.

OTESAT_MARITEL offers s@tGate, a state-of-the-art satcom management and cyber security platform which enables users to exploit smart technologies including digital services in a highly secure environment.

s@tGate covers the ICT needs of any modern shipping company, as it is designated for business and crew use, via delivering a variety of digital services (e-mail, voice, internet, M2M, etc.) and leads their fleets to in a new era of communications.

 Lately the company launched IRIS an advanced Cyber Security Solution especially developed for the maritime industry.

s@tGate in combination with IRIS services boosts customer experience either via Fleet Xpress, the futureproof satcom connectivity or other satellite broadband networks.

OTESAT_MARITEL with its 20+ years of experience provides to the maritime market high level pre-sales and after-sales consultancy and full technical support services   to all main shipping centers, for the supplied services and equipment (satcom and marine electronics)..

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Telenor Satellite is a major European satellite provider of broadcast and broadband services for customers in the media, maritime, and oil and gas sectors.

Utilising a hybrid network that comprises our satellite fleet, teleports and a terrestrial fibre network, Telenor Satellite delivers turnkey broadcasting solutions, end-user connectivity and application services via satellite throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

From the distribution of digital TV and radio content to millions of European homes to the provision of reliable communications in remote locations on land and at sea, we are committed to keeping our customers connected via satellite. Visit the company’s website at:

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For 20 years now, IEC Telecom Group has been supplying high quality satellite-based technology providing clients with efficient end-to-end voice and data services, when and where, it matters most.

IEC Telecom Group is one of the leading global providers of managed network communication solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of system integration, system products, and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for our customers. We believe our integrated approach of in-house design and engineering expertise provides us a unique competitive advantage.

This communication lifecycle & value proposition is taken to selective vertical markets, including Government, humanitarian, wireless, media, energy, enterprise, and maritime.

IEC Telecom Group solutions are deployed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

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Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium enables connections between people, organizations and assets to and from anywhere, in real time. Together with its ever-expanding ecosystem of partner companies, Iridium delivers an innovative and rich portfolio of reliable solutions for markets that require truly global communications. The company has a major development program underway for its next-generation network — Iridium NEXT. Iridium Communications Inc. is headquartered in McLean, Va., U.S.A., and its common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol IRDM. For more information about Iridium products, services and partner solutions, visit:

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JiBe ERP is a web based, cloud, fully integrated ERP, providing ship owners and managers a single platform on which all users of the enterprise work. With a team of over 120 people and 5 global offices, JiBe is today one of the largest ERP players in the shipping industry and the only one not affiliated with a management company. JiBe caters to both large and medium size managers and owners, looking to adopt the standards of the global corporate world in ERP. JiBe is also a leader in Machine Learning and has powerful Business Intelligence integrated into every workflow and department. JiBe’s platform enables Tanker owners to manage the challenge of TMSA in a way that becomes a competitive strength and a driver of better charter fixing, rather than a regulatory burden.

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KVH Industries is a leading manufacturer of solutions that provide global high-speed Internet, television, and voice services via satellite to mobile users at sea and on land. These solutions include the mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone satellite communications systems, and TracVision satellite television systems. KVH is also a premier manufacturer of high performance sensors and integrated inertial systems for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications.
>> KVH

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Speedcast International Ltd (ASX: SDA) is the largest provider of remote communications and IT services in the world. Speedcast’s fully managed service is delivered via a leading global, multi-access-technology, multi-band and multi-orbit network of 70+ satellites and an interconnecting global terrestrial network, bolstered by extensive on the ground local support from 40+ countries. This global “network of networks” allows customers to entirely rely on the most robust, integrated infrastructure available in the market for their mission-critical applications. Speedcast is uniquely positioned as a strategic business partner, tailoring communications, IT and digital solutions to meet unique customer needs and enable business transformation. Speedcast extends its managed services through differentiated technology offerings including cyber-security, crew welfare, content solutions, data and voice applications and network systems integration services. With a passionate customer focus and a strong safety culture, Speedcast serves over 10,000 maritime and offshore assets around the world.

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Leading International Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator Thuraya Telecommunications Company is proud to offer the latest innovation in satellite technology. Our high-quality products and solutions, backed by our reliable network coverage across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, allows you to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

From government, military and NGO sectors, to the oil & gas and maritime industries, Thuraya Telecommunications continues to deliver what you need, when you need it.

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Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets. With 62,000 employees in 56 countries, Thales reported sales of $15.5 billion in 2015. With over 22,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design and deploy equipment, systems and services to meet the most complex requirements.

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Hellenic Radio Services is a producer, Service provider and Distributor of telecommunication services in the shipping industrysince 1983offering products from various well-known brands (Furuno, Cobham, Inmarsat, JRC etc), supporting the Maritime companies as far as the equipment of the ship is concerned, with consumable materials and machine-bridge and deck equipment.

Company’s Main activities are:
INMARSAT Fleet Xpress
VSAT Services
HRS SeaSmart One Crew Box4all
Accounting Authority (AA)-GR05
Point of Service Activation – PSA 3008
Inmarsat Service Provider – ISP 8515
POLESTAR / Web Based Monitoring
Email Solutions
Hardware Installation  &  Service

HRS is exclusive official supplier of SeaSmart which is the new innovative, cost effective Maritime router extending shore Control to vessels network utilizing all available Satellite broadband connections. Also introduces simplified user friendly operation for Crew well fare extending VoIP / Voice Crew calling access in combination with BYOD functionality for browsing ,chatting etc (smartphone,tablet / laptop) SeaSmart router in combination with End user Shore Online Control Panel transforms the customer’s airtime packages topowerful and cost efficient tools for Business and Crew welfare use.

Last but not least, Company’s value proposition, consisting of offices in Greece, Nigeria and UAE responding immediately in any service or hardware request.

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KNL Networks connects the maritime industry to the sea of opportunities IoT offers by providing simple, reliable and affordable connectivity through a dedicated network with military-grade security. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland with commercial HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark and sales representation in Helsinki, UK and Norway we’ve set out on a mission to revolutionize what global IoT connectivity means for the maritime industry. Our dedicated connectivity means your connection cannot be used for other communication purposes like GMDSS or crew welfare. Data leaves the KNL radio through our VPN, encrypting all data. Each KNL system is part of a worldwide network of KNL radios, which act as terminals or base stations, depending on their status or location. At sea, or in remote areas, a KNL radio uses the high-frequency band to connect automatically to another KNL radio that has a cellular connection. Nearshore or in port, KNL radios automatically connect directly to cellular. The KNL Global mesh network allows for multiple parties to securely access their equipment onboard a vessel

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MarPoint is a maritime IT company that specializes in providing out of the box solutions for the maritime industry. All the soft­ware is developed, modified and customized according to the customer’s needs.

We currently have an extensive portfolio of deployed gateway management systems in cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels, tankers, bulkers and mega-yachts.

MarPoint products and services include a satellite, 3G & WiFi network management suite for ship-to-shore and remote communications needs. Marpoint also produces powerful and affordable enterprise-grade routers for controlling a multi-person vessel network on all satellite broadband installations.

More specifically we design, and create unique Internet communications platforms that combined with carefully selected services (i.e VoIP termination, crew hotspot with BYOD functionality, satellite services) offer operational efficiency and network control. Furthermore, MarPoint’s products are in full compliance with all future crew welfare regulations while at the same time offering complete cost control and high end solutions. For more information on our products and services please visit:

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Navarino is an advanced technology company in the maritime satellite communications industry. Its high quality products and services are developed at the leading edge of technology for the global merchant shipping sector.

Navarino is the one stop shop for maritime satellite communications, and its portfolio of services includes the full range of bandwidth options available through the latest generation of high throughput satellites. 

Navarino is also the developer and distributor of INFINITY, the state-of-the-art maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on vessels equipped with any type of IP based satellite communications systems. 

Navarino has also recently launched Angel, the first cyber security service designed for maritime which is compatible with any type of satellite network.

With a client base of more than 500 shipping companies worldwide, the company has offices in Greece, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore, alongside a steadily growing international resellers' network.

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Founded in 1988 in Piraeus, Greece and ever since NOVA Electronics S.A., as a commercial and technical company, has gained internationally acclaimed recognition for the quality of services & ethics in sales of marine electronics equipment for deep sea vessels provided to our customers.

NOVA Electronics has invested in high trained personnel, able to provide integrated solutions to all relevant inquiries, while our technical division is manned with very well equipped and long experienced technicians, providing worldwide services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

NOVA Electronics represents the internationally biggest manufacturer of marine electronics Japan Radio Company (JRC) & many more.

NOVA Electronics is also an official sales & service provider for KVH Industries, Inc. solutions and products in Greece.

The Quality Management System of NOVA Electronics S.A. is approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the Quality Management System Standards EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Port-IT has over 25 years of experience in all kinds of land mobile and maritime communication and IT solutions. Our experience in the maritime industry makes us a suitable business partner for your IT demands. Port-IT can fulfill all your Maritime IT needs and with our extensive range of security products and knowledge we will always try to reach the upmost level of customer satisfaction. Our well trained engineers know exactly what your needs are and can deliver the correct solution for your IT problems. From Satcom terminal installations to complete vessel or company network overhauls Port-IT will always deliver a secure IT environment for your employees to work in. Even the daily hassle of IT maintenance is a thing of the past with Port-IT, leave the complicated support to us and we can guarantee that your ship’s IT network is safe, secure and in good hands. We are capable of delivering high quality IT networks on-board your vessel, placing an emphasis on the reliability and IT security of the network. We strive to reach the highest quality with our products and services and our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority thus creating a solid basis for long-standing business relations.

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Trillium Secure keeps connected and autonomous vehicles safe, and personal information private, through a trusted data management platform as a subscription service. Trillium’s software products are used by fleet operators, aerospace and defense organizations, insurance companies and automotive OEMs to form a multi-layered defense against cyber-attacks, and to securely extract data from protected vehicles. Trillium R&D and operations centers are in Sunnyvale, Ann Arbor, San Diego, Berlin, Belfast, Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo.

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World-Link Communications, Inc. is a vibrant, fast growing maritime satellite communications company known for delivering first-class satellite communication systems to vessel owners and managers across the world. The Company, founded in 1989, is based in Framingham, Massachusetts and has offices around the world.

World-Link Communications is a systems and networks integrator, working with different satellite operators to deliver an end-to-end communications and network capability for vessels at sea. The company operates and owns communications hubs, based on Inmarsat and VSAT technologies. World-Link is an Inmarsat Distribution Partner, ISO 9001:2008 certified, and has distribution agreements with the major satellite operators and equipment manufacturers.

World-Link tailors its services to unique requirements of individual ship-owners, operators and crew members. The Company serves more than 1800 vessels worldwide. World-Link serves the entire maritime vertical including fleets of VLCCs, Container Ships, Research Vessels, Fishing Fleets, Oil and Gas support vessels.

World-Link has been the recipient of numerous industry awards for innovation. The company has launched a series of value-added services including i-Café, ShipSat and Ahoy-Ahoy. World-Link develops its own software and hardware, and integrates systems to deliver communications’ management, control and network security solutions as well as infrastructure applications including e-mail, anti-virus, and operational forms.

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Tototheo Maritime specialises in innovative, efficient and functional solutions in the fields of digitalization, satellite and radio communication, automation and navigation systems. Headquarters are located in Cyprus and we have our own office in Greece and partner offices in Dubai and Singapore. Our vast experience in the maritime sector provides us with the unique advantage of in depth understanding of our customers’ needs combined with our dynamic approach towards innovative technologies, thus allowing our clients to generate more value out of their daily operations.

Tototheo Maritime operates in a connected dynamic and sustainable maritime sector, supported by reliable and efficient connectivity and innovative technologies – all underpinned by the Tototheo values. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, offering equal terms of treatment without prejudice. Our team’s foremost goal is to listen and confidently trek into the future while keeping a firm link to the present.


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MacGregor shapes the offshore and marine industries by offering world-leading engineering solutions and services with a strong portfolio of MacGregor, Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, Pusnes and Triplex brands. Shipbuilders, owners and operators are able to optimise the lifetime profitability, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of their operations by working in close cooperation with MacGregor.

 MacGregor solutions and services for handling marine cargoes, vessel operations, offshore loads, crude/LNG transfer and offshore mooring are all designed to perform with the sea.

 Once our system is in service, we provide lifetime support in the form of maintenance and service solutions that take care of the full lifetime of your equipment.

 MacGregor is part of Cargotec (NASDAQ Helsinki: CGCBV).