Agenda - 25 April

Conference Outline - Correct as at 18/04/17

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0800: Registration and Welcome Tea/Coffee

0900: Opening Notes from Conference Chair
Chaired by: Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, Satellite Applications Catapult

Session 1: Facing the Cyber Threat: An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges and Focus on Building Resilience

0915: Welcome Address: Reviewing the Impact of Cyber Threat on the Shipping Sector
George A. Tsavliris, Principal, Tsavliris Salvage Group

0940: The Reality of Shipping's Cyber Challenge
           •    Applying cyber security to operational, IT, crew and communication applications
Michael Owen, VP Business Capture & Development – Maritime, Marlink

1005: "Hostis Ante Naves"
By analyzing three examples of attacks in industry, vessels and maritime companies this session will explore why the cyber war arrives on board
Dimitris Moutzouris-Lygeros, Chemical Engineer, Trainer, IT Security Professional, Motor Oil Hellas

1030: Cyber Threats in Maritime: Navigating in an Uncharted Territory
           •    What is changing on the industry from a digital point of view
           •    What are the major cybersecurity threats affecting the industry
           •    What does the transportation industry about cybersecurity
           •    What is next, going forward
Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Director, Head of Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young Business Advisory Solutions S.A.)

1055: Tea/Coffee Break

1115: An Overview of Cyber Challenges [Onboard]
           •    Crew awareness
           •    Cyber hygiene
           •    Navigation Systems
David Patraiko, Director of Projects, The Nautical Institute

1140: Maritime SCADA Cyber Resilience
           •    Introduction to ICS/SCADA
           •    Types and impact of exploiting maritime SCADA
           •    SCADA protection – risk assessment
           •    Best practices – modern connectivity
           •    Commissioning and operation of SCADA
Dr. Nikitas Nikitakos, Professor, Dept. of Shipping Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean

Session 2: Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness

1205: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Cyber Security Investment!
           •    What is the cyber threat landscape? Answering the who, what, where, when and why
           •    Re-thinking cyber resilience: Achieving and sustaining cybersecurity capability
           •    Avoiding mistakes: Understanding where to invest first and how to responsibly sustain
                a cybersecurity program
Max J. Bobys, Vice President, Global Strategies, HudsonAnalytix, Inc.

1230: Cyber Threat Management and Balancing Investment
Howard Hughes, CTO, Tototheo

1250: Panel Session: Balancing Cyber Risk with the Business Case
Moderated by: Howard Hughes, CTO, Tototheo
Panellists include:
George Efthimiou, IT Department & Security Expert, Gourdomichalis Maritime S.A
Joe Dauncey, Director, Security Engineering, Inmarsat
Svend Lykke Larsen, Sales & Business Development Director, Europe, Palantir

1320: Lunch kindly sponsored by Navarino

1420: The Upside of Cyber Risk
Roel van Rijsewijk, Senior Fellow, Deloitte's Center for the Edge

Session 3: New Developments in Maritime Cyber Regulations and Guidelines

1445: Cyber Security Aspects in the Maritime Sector
           •    ENISA has published the first EU report ever on cyber security challenges in the
                Maritime Sector
           •    This principal analysis highlights essential key insights, as well as existing initiatives,
                 as a baseline for cyber security.
Rossella Mattioli, Officer in Network and Information Security, ENISA - European Union Agency for Network & Information Security

1510: Reviewing Cyber Guidance and Regulations
           •    The implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
           •    Turning guidance to training for the shipping industry
           •    The implications of 'silent' cyber risk on insurers  
Steve Williams, Partner, Moore Stephens

1535: 'The 'Cyber Enabled Ship'- What does it mean for the operators and regulators?
Risks associated with the use of 'Cyber Enabled Technology' and how these can be addressed in a systematic manner.
           •    Where are the boundaries of the system when 'off ship' support is provided and what
                 level of assurance is required to ensure this does not introduce a key hazard when
                 utilising this technology?
           •    In the event of a malicious attack, the risk may not be covered if clause CL 380 is
                 included in the insurance policy. Where the event is non-malicious with the same
                 outcome as a malicious attack, what stance will be taken by the insurance
           •    Is the safety of the vessel maintained and does 'off ship' access have an impact on
                the continued classification of the vessel?
           •    What is the impact of 'off ship' support on the ship's staff, and what role the human
                 plays when the 'off ship' support technology is activated?
           •    Will the role of engineering staff change and could they be considered a contributing
                 factor to a key hazard if the 'off ship' support fails?
           •    Can staff rely on the results of day analytics, what evidence exists to demonstrate that
                 the attributes of data that preserve safety are adequately considered?
           •    What's happening at IMO and how are the Flag States reacting?
Bernard Twomey, Director, Bernard Twomey Consulting Ltd & Nicky Pappadakis, Chairman at A.G. Pappadakis and Co. Ltd

1600: Tea/Coffee Break

Session 4: Training, Awareness & Human Factors

1625: The Future of Cyber Reporting
Mark Sutcliffe, Director, CSO Alliance

1650: Panel Session: Training, Awareness & Human Factors
Moderated by: Jordan Wylie, Campaign Director, Be Cyber Aware at Sea
Panellists include:
Dr Alan Whitfield, CEO, Wididi UK
Mark Sutcliffe
, Director, CSO Alliance

1730: Closing Discussion - Are We Cyber Ready? Conclusions and Actions

1740: Conference Conclusions
Followed by Networking Drinks and live performance and entertainment by Mojo Trio, Kindly Sponsored by Marlink