- 1 & 2 November 2017

Digital Ship is pleased to be returning to Greece for our longest running event, with the 15th Annual Digital Ship Conference & Exhibition in Athens on 1 & 2 November. 

Industry experts will take to the podium during the conference which will include plenary and interactive panel sessions over the two days, and there will be an exhibition showcasing leading suppliers and vendors to the sector.

The 5 key focus sessions throughout the 2 days will include:

Focus Session 1
The Maritime Satcom Summit

Focus Session 2
Building Cyber and Security Resilience – with a Special Focus on GDPR

Focus Session 3
Blockchain in Practice – Creating Trust in the Maritime Supply Chain

Focus Session 4
Developing Big Data Ecosystems

Focus Session 5
Harnessing Maritime’s Digital Future

Plus: Exclusive Workshop, Open Roundtables and Networking Functions, including a Gala Dinner on 1 November

Katarina Raptaki, IT Director, Navios Shipmanagement

Katerina Raptaki is the IT Manager of Navios Group of companies, including 4 NYSE-listed companies, with branches in cities all over the world, owning and managing more than 150 vessels. Katerina is also the former president of AMMITEC, the Association of IT Managers in Shipping. She graduated from the National Technical University of Athens with a degree in Naval / Mechanical Engineering and has 28-years’ experience in IT and Communications.

With more than 16 years of experience in Shipping, having deep knowledge in Marine Satellite systems, vast experience in shipping software and Project Management, Katerina has been holding Managerial positions in various companies allowing her to have a full understanding of technical issues and operational procedures. Her excellent people management skills include the ability to transfer her expertise in technical systems delivery, business analysis and the management of cross-functional business projects and project teams.

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Confirmed speakers include:

  • Katarina Raptaki, IT Director, Navios Shipmanagement
  • Electra Panayotopoulos, Partner, HFW
  • Gary Pogson, Innovation Owner, Lead Specialist, The Lloyd’s Register Foundation and The Alan Turing Institute
  • Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Director, Head of Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young Business Advisory Solutions S.A.)
  • Dimitris Theodossiou, Managing Director, Danaos
  • Ewan Robinson, Director, Yango Satellite Communications
  • Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, NLA Ltd.
  • Rob O’Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship
  • Gert-Jan Panken, VP Application Sales, Inmarsat
  • Jeff Greer, Vice President, Operations, KVH
  • Bent Erik Bjørkli, General Manager Strategic Initiatives, Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Matt Duke, Vice President, Digital Platform, Kongsberg Digital AS
  • Dr. Nikitas Nikitakos, Professor, Dept. of Shipping Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean
  • Evanthia Kostidi, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Shipping Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean
  • Martin Jarrold, Chief, International Programme Development, Co-Chair, Maritime SatCom Forum, GVF
    With more speakers to be announced.